Retail and Logistics

StaidLogic Retail Management Practice uses today’s most advanced technologies and yet is designed to be used and maintained by the business and management team with little IT knowledge. This offers an inventory consolidation, electronic handshake between Retailers and Wholesalers, electronic Work orders and sign-off, online Sales and reporting applications. RMS is better geared to cater companies for their ROI. Whether your goals relate to improvement of your national or international supply chain or your challenge is to get your product to the market ahead of your competition, StaidLogic has the expertise to provide just the right solution for you.

StaidLogic’s Logistics Practice supports technology network that offers seamless movement of cargo from point of origin to its final destination. StaidLogic Logistics Practice has experience and expertise to optimally manage your logistics requirements with global coverage and multi-modal capabilities. Logistics is defined as the art and science of controlling and managing the flow of energy, goods, products and services, people and information from the point of origin to the point of destination. Tasks such as manufacturing and marketing cannot be performed without an effective logistical support and effective support cannot be performed by without an effective Technology solutions.

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