Intelligent Control Tower (ICTS)

Global organizations often spend excessive time and effort in creating efficient systems to monitor and evaluate Prospect to Cash (P2C), Lead to Cash (L2C), Quote to Cash (Q2C), Order to Cash (O2C), Procure to Pay (P2P) and Hire to Retire (H2R) processes to achieve corporate goals. However, these processes often result in silos for different departments and divisions and fail to provide an end-to-end view due to technology and process limitations.

Intelligent Control Tower by StaidLogic (ICTS), with its non-invasive integration techniques breaks down these silos across or within departments and divisions to provide a single view across the entire organization using Case management to orchestrate critical business processes flawlessly.

ICTS by Staidlogic is a lightweight digital solution built on the low-code / no-code market leading Pega platform to optimize decision making with real time reporting, dashboards and Alerts & Notifications.

ICTS is NOT a “rip and replace” solution.

Intelligent Control Tower by Staidlogic (ICTS) offers considerable benefits and capabilities, from visibility, process optimization to advanced automation. ICTS integrates with and extends your existing ERP, WMS, and TMS systems with suppliers, customers, manufacturers, 3PLs, and other partners. ICTS provides actionable insights, granular visibility and operational control across the entire L2C, P2C, Q2C, O2C, P2P and H2R including: 

  • Quotes
  • Order Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Fulfillment
  • Revenue Management

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