Center of Excellence (CoE)

StaidLogic builds and operates both business and technology Centers of Excellence (CoE). The lack of a cross-functional team that supports all lines of business in planning and implementing strategic initiatives drives delivery costs higher and creates duplicate components. Without a CoE:

  • There can be no oversight of an organization's strategic goals and overall technology maturity
  • Tools and methodologies will be inconsistently utilized
  • Results in Applications being built outside the model and guardrails.

CoE provides Strategic Services

  • Develop a clear vision and approach to initiatives
  • Foster partnership and trust between Business and IT
  • Integrate process optimization and innovative engineering efforts seamlessly
  • Define and promote best practices
  • Ensure proper technical governance
  • Drives process maturity within the organization

As companies embark on end-to-end digital transformation and strive to be agile in rapidly shifting markets, StaidLogic offers leading advisory services. With our breadth of perspective and depth of knowledge, we help organizations make their workplaces better for their people.

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