The future of business will be powered by Generative AI

Enabling the future of business with Generative AI

Pega is investing in new Generative AI powered capabilities across of business, building on the established mission and differentiation of our low-code platform for AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation. These are just scratching the surface of what’s possible. The opportunity is revolutionary, and expect rapid innovation to emerge and evolve in this area.

With the first steps of this mission, Generative AI enables:

1. Automatic development of low-code applications.

Low-code developers will be able to take descriptions of their processes, data and instantly turn them into working business applications with automatically generated case types, data objects, and data models, generating a starting point for their applications with just a few words. Pega has given low-code developer access to an infinite library of process, case, and data model templates. This will both dramatically accelerate development and empower a new generation of developers to create applications without technical expertise.

When developers get stuck, instead of reading through pages of technical documentation and StackOverflow, they will be guided with contextual suggestions which come from AI Summarized help and training documents, which will be added into new AI-assisted development panel introduced in Pega 8.8.

2. Faster, more personalized customer service.

Today, when a customer calls or chats a business, often the representative on the other end of the line needs to comb through months or years of transcripts and tickets to get the baseline context needed to provide the best service possible. Now, AI can arm contact center representatives with quick summaries of all call and chat transcripts, past interactions, and relevant knowledge articles to provide contextual guidance, enabling them to deliver more personalized customer interactions, quicker.