ServiceNow extends Generative AI to self-service Experiences

The latest generative AI product by ServiceNow: Now Assist for Virtual Agent. This product builds on ServiceNow’s strategy to embed generative AI across the Now Platform by enabling truly conversational self-service experiences.

Virtual Agent already utilizes intelligence to address user queries with knowledge articles and catalog items. The addition of generative AI will further enhance responses, making them more relevant and contextual, allowing for human-like interactions. Customers won’t have to slow down to understand where and how to get the help they need—they can access assistance at the speed of their work and benefit from:

● More direct responses:

Generative AI can provide clearer, more direct answers to questions, reducing customer confusion and time to resolution. Now Assist for Virtual Agent is designed to help customers find specific information quickly, eliminating the need to search through endless article links or search results.

● Querying general knowledge:

Users will no longer be limited to information within their ServiceNow instance. They can now ask questions that pull information from outside their organization's knowledge base using general-purpose large language models such as Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service or OpenAI API.

● Enhanced conversational design:

With drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily enhance existing conversations or create new ones with generative AI experiences to solve user issues and answer questions.