Unlocking value with generative AI technology and low code

Generative AI technology + low-code architecture will unlock unprecedented value and innovation

How does generative AI work? How do we get value from generative AI?

The generative AI tools Pega is delivering with Pega Infinity ‘23 to accelerate application development, help marketers build more effective engagement programs, and make it easier for employees to sell to and service their customers.

Is this safe?

Pega have included rules, audits, and processes that keep humans in the loop and in control, and how to detect and replace PII data before it can be sent to external services.

Can business choose which generative AI models should be used?

The API abstraction layer that lets clients bring their own license keys and swap in the models of their choice, either from public cloud or their own private services.

“How did you do so much so quickly?”

A model-driven platform and building for change heritage long before low code entered the buzzword hall of fame, Pega was built as a 100% model-driven platform. Pega captures everything you need to build and run an enterprise-scale workflow or decisioning application, not in code or a proprietary scripting language but in a model – in metadata – that holds the information necessary to execute a workflow application. The commitment to this approach led Pega build a complete model, capable of capturing all the information – needed to describe, run, and maintain a workflow application. And because the global clients run massive, mission-critical apps on Pega, the low-code architecture was built to ensure that any workflow defined in Pega can run at the massive scale, global reach, and trusted security that clients demand.