Benefits of Intelligent Control Tower for better business outcomes

Globalization has created a need for a greater emphasis on more optimized processes, including collaborations with customers, suppliers and third parties as well as fast and accurate decisions which result in more efficient operations, higher customer satisfaction and a better bottom line. Management is relied on to make decisions yielding enterprise-wide value which in turn drives the global business.

"Control towers" combine several critical elements — people, process, data and organization supported by a set of technology-enabled capabilities for transparency and coordination.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities enable automation and augmentation of decisions for both planning and execution. The Intelligent Control Tower uses Artificial Intelligence, serves as a system of engagement across enterprise processes and trading partners, and orchestrates companies, people and things to work together in real-time to serve the end customer.

Intelligent Control Towers integrate with Business Planning for Demand, Supply, Inventory, Sales, Operations and Finance. Intelligent Control Towers are popular because they are a solution that stitches together complex and siloed groups, thus providing more visibility and insights into the overall performance.

Benefits of Intelligent Control Tower

  • Sense: Get real-time, end-to-end demand, supply, revenue and cost visibility
  • Analyze: Understand and leverage incoming signals
  • Solve: Do exception management and scenario modeling
  • Learn: Continuously learn, sense and respond
  • Predict: Utilize advanced analytics for predictions and prescriptions
  • Execute: Leverage a collaborative intelligent response framework