Classification of Automation

Digital transformation and business process automation can be categorized within one of the four main classes as listed below. Each category varies on the basis of complexity of tasks to be automated, which may span across basic user interface automation to advance decision making. Automation classifications also mainly differ based on compatibility with the type of input ranging from simple text to complex audio.

Cognitive Automation

  • Cognitive bots become your subject matter experts.
  • Cognitive automation uses machine learning for semi structured processes.
  • Decision making tasks can be automated.
  • Data analysis and interface based decisions.


  • Accelerate automation of high volume, repetitive tasks.
  • Scheduling and document digitization are handled in this enhanced automation.
  • Deploy robotic automations to automate high-volume, rules-based tasks.
  • Data analysis and interface based decisions.


  • Tasks like data capture can be automated to improve efficiency.
  • Solves the problem of the “messy desktop”.
  • Personal Robot for every employee.
  • Accelerated time to value/ROI with out of the box automations.
  • 10-20% improvement across large groups of employees.

Workforce Intelligence

  • People. Productivity. Processes.
  • Operational improvements.
  • Technology.
  • Same people, Same technology, Better output.